Retail Marketing with BroadProximity

What's the value of a visit for your retail brand?

  • Real-time location marketing that drives engagement & generates loyalty.
  • Promote visits to your brick-and-mortar business by reaching the right people on mobile based on where they are and the places they've visited.
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Tactics to drive results for your retail business

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your retail business with BroadProximity.

Proximity Targeting

Reach people within a 1-3 mile radius around your retail store and give nearby users directions to your store to drive them inside. Read More...

Competitive Conquesting

Target people at competitors’ retail stores (In-Store, On-Lot, Retail Block, Radial distance). You can target your own list of competitor locations. Read More...

Location Audience

Target customers by their past visitation behaviors to specific brands/locations (Walmart, Ingles, Trader Joes, Target, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) Read More...

Behavioral Audience

Target customers based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns (Big Box Shoppers, Discount Shoppers, Convenience Shoppers,  etc.) Read More...

Retargeting & Awareness

Bucket unique customers you've already reached from previous campaign to re-enforce messaging. Drive awareness and measure effective cost per visit to establish baseline. Read More...

67% Of consumers prefer to make purchases in-store

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