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What's the value of a visit for your Retail Brand?

  • Real-time location marketing that drives engagement & generates loyalty.  Promote visits to your brick-and-mortar business by reaching the right people on mobile based on where they are and the places they've visited.  Location, Location, Location is a real estate phrase that has not changed over the years. Geo targeting represents a huge opportunity to increase customer involvement and conversion.

    Location based advertising or LBA has long been known to be an effective technique for reaching the right audience at the right time with the right offer. Location based ad spending also called geo targeting will grow to almost 40 billion by 2022. With the abundance of data from Global Positioning System (GPS) from an estimated 5 billion devices it’s easier than ever for marketers to use consumers' precise location to target relevant ads to them in real time.
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You could literally take your taco truck or any mobile food truck and use geo targeting to capitalize on consumers who like your style of food anywhere around town. You park your mobile food truck, send out a mobile phone blast and people will come. Location data drives retail, while geotargeting drives branding and top of mind awareness. You can connect with customers in a relevant, timely way encouraging them to visit your store or portable food truck to make a purchase. The retail industry relies heavily on beacons, these devices can be programmed to respond only when you in front of a product, a few feet away.

Retail geolocation can be used in innovative ways to enhance the customer's experience. By understanding who your target is and what they value, retailers can implement strategies to awe consumers on their smartphones. As smartphone capabilities and technologies become more advanced and widespread retailer’s will have the ability to actually identify consumers by the individual device. Retailers have access to numerous technologies to target consumers by market segment’s and device type. Technology is not available yet to target the actual person connected to the phone. Local relevant cell phone ads with local flavor generate a higher response than generic creatives. In the past is was difficult to do micro advertising, today you could create ads for a few square blocks and have a different ad creative for the contiguous blocks with a different flare, flavor and the same offer.

There are success stories all over showing and sharing how retailers have reliably targeted consumers with a call to action. Today’s consumers are omni channel or one could argue that they have ADD…lol. To cope with these challenges retailers are reinventing themselves, opening up new advertising channels in the shopping process, store locator, online reservation, book an appointment and other options. Geo targeting does not have to be about going after users on a map. With regional, local and geographically openings and closings and random lockdowns. Geo targeting can help you brand your business and create top of mind awareness for then the economy reopens. To set up your geo targeting campaign contact BroadProximity, LLC. for a free no obligation consultation. We will help you set up a mobile phone app advertising campaign in your area.


Tactics to drive results for your retail business

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your retail business with BroadProximity, LLC..

Proximity Targeting

Reach people within a 1-3 mile radius around your retail store and give nearby users directions to your store to drive them inside. Read More...

Competitive Conquesting

Target people at competitors’ retail stores (In-Store, On-Lot, Retail Block, Radial distance). You can target your own list of competitor locations. Read More...

Location Audience

Target customers by their past visitation behaviors to specific brands/locations (Walmart, Ingles, Trader Joes, Target, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) Read More...

Behavioral Audience

Target customers based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns (Big Box Shoppers, Discount Shoppers, Convenience Shoppers,  etc.) Read More...

Retargeting & Awareness

Bucket unique customers you've already reached from previous campaign to re-enforce messaging. Drive awareness and measure effective cost per visit to establish baseline. Read More...

67% Of consumers prefer to make purchases in-store

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