What is proximity targeting?

Proximity Targeting is a marketing technique that uses mobile location services to reachconsumers in real-time when they are around a store location or point of interest. This isdone by defining a radius around a specific location. If a consumer has opted into location services on their mobile phone and enters within this radius, proximity targeting allows you to trigger an advertisement or message to that consumers in an effort to influence their behavior. For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to target consumers within a 1 mile radius. You could set up proximity targeting around your restaurant so when consumers walk into that radius they will be triggered with an advertisement.


Proximity targeting is also known as hyperlocal marketing. This is where geofencing comes into play targeting potential consumers with a specific personalized ad on their mobile phone. This is based on the proximity of the consumer to the business sending out the app ads. The mobile phone ads are sent to a specific group of consumers based on filters, demographics and input from the business in the hopes of influencing abehavior to make a purchase.


Proximity targeting mobile phone ads are very effective. When done properly and targeted to the right consumer group these ads will have an immediate impact if a call toaction, enticing offer and a rolling expiration for the offer. How proximity targeting phone ads work is it breaks a large market like the entire city into smaller markets that can be targeted. Instead of reaching the entire market with thesame message you send different mobile phone ads out to different groups. Each group will respond to different offers and brands.Here again we have different market segments that will overlap within proximity targeting. We have the demographic segment of age, gender, education, race religion, marital status and more. Next, we have psychographic segment of values, beliefs, interest personality, lifestyle and more. Next, we have behavioral segmentation, we spoke about this at great length elsewhere in our website.


This has to do with the purchasing habits of the consumer: awareness, preference, engagements and advocacy.Next, we have geographic areas also knowns as proximity of a neighborhood, city block, region, section of town or part of the county etc.Proximity targeting is important because even though there might be thousands of homes and ten thousand people around your business they all have different needs, wants, likes and purchasing power. Proximity marketing allows you to speak to your ideal customer through the use of filters, demographic and other factors to target a specific group of consumers with a message.Many customers are satisfied, few are loyal. The more loyal customers you have the more profitable your business will be. Having the ability to stand out with an excellent reputation for a good product or superior service is great. Many local businesses have this as well.


Proximity targeting allows you brand your business, create top of mind awareness by continuously reaching and targeting the right consumer with the right message.You need to do some homework before you start your local business starts their proximity targeting mobile phone ad campaign. You need to define your perfect, ideal fictional customer, because they really don’t exist. The better your description the betteryou will be able to target the customers’ needs and we all have different needs even if we’re using the same product or service. If you do this correctly you will be able to identify your customers quickly and know their demographics, values, what motivates them and how they make purchasing decision.For assistance in doing proximity targeting in your town or city contact BroadProximity, LLC.. We’re easy to talk to and we’ll listen to what you have to say. As we ask and answer question together, we may find out that our service meets your business needs and we can plan a course of action for your business.

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