Targeted Direct LIST®

You may be paying top dollar for Pay-per-Click, SEM, and SEO campaigns to get targeted website visitors, yet a high percentage of those always bounce off when they don’t fill out inquiry forms, call or register! BroadProximity's Targeted Direct List®  (TDL) recovers many of your lost website visitors so you can re-target them via direct mail, email campaigns, or telemarketing to put them back into your marketing funnel and increase your marketing ROI.


Even when website visitors do not make a purchase on your site, they are still warm leads, and the sooner you remarket to them, the more likely you can convert them. With BroadProximity, you can market to your site’s visitors creating “top-of-mind” awareness for your brand and its offerings. 


How Does it Work?


BroadProxitmity takes the IP addresses and matches them with real names and addresses in our digital database. 


Reverse IP

BroadProximity  takes names and addresses and matches them with IP addresses in our digital database. 


Reverse IP

Did you know 95% of visitors to your website may never be identified?

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