This is the practice of targeting your competitor’s physical location with geo targeting mobile phone ads. The purpose is to attract, sway, entice or woo their customers away. Do you know the difference between a satisfied and loyal customer? The answer to this question is the measurement of the customers attitude regarding products, services and brands. Customer loyalty consists of loyal behavior and can also be called customer retention. This is the act of customers making repeat purchases of products and services from the same business. Instead of choosing a competitor for the same goods and services.


Geo-Conquesting is a technique where your targeting any number of your competitors, remember don’t bite off more than you can chew and there a thing called karma. Geo-Conquesting can be done a few different ways. Geofencing is mapping out with an invisible boundary your competitor’s location. The mobile phone ads are served to potential consumers based on filters, demographics and audience targeting tactics to entice them to do business with you vs. who they currently do business with. Every business has customers that are ripe for the taking, just remember that your own customers may not be as loyal to you as you think. Mobile location targeting is another way to perform geo-conquesting. This involves using the past visitation history of a mobile device, kind of scary isn’t it, past history.


There is a way for marketers to reach consumers who have previously visited a competitor’s location. For example, if a consumer stopped at a fast-food restaurant for a meal this customer may be served an ad for a competing fast-food restaurant close by. Mobile phone advertising is literally everywhere and this advertising medium is very cost effective. Geofencing establishes an invisible boundary line around any building, location or event, regardless of size. When you combine all this together it allows you to target your competitors customers. A word of caution, your competitors can also target you, so just because you can do something does not mean that you should.


Some benefits of geo-conquesting is that your targeng customers that already use your product or service. If you lucky you can get to the consumer just prior totheir making their purchase decision. With the right message to the right consumer it comes down to when the purchase is made, not if the purchase is made. Mobile geo-conquesting is relevant and reaches consumers in real time where ever they are. This is one of the biggest benets of mobile phone advertising of anytype, reaching a real human being, anytime of day in the real world. With the right over this is as close to instant gratification a business owner can get, a sale for the next hour, close out sales, specials for today only, the next 10 customer who come in receives a free hat or umbrella etc. At first you might think setting up a geo-conquesting mobile ad campaign might be difficult.


It’s not with the help of BroadProximity, LLC., we offer free no obligation consultations so contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to create the right mobile phone campaign for your business. We’ve all heard it’s a dog eat dog world out there and in business it’s grow your business or perish and go home. Advertising can be passive or aggressive, you getto choose. To make any advertsing work you have to rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. My point is target and re-target, give consumers a reason to do busines with you. Remind the consumer that they have choices and your one of the good choices. Over a discount or remind people of brand rebates, let them know that you have superior brands or better customer service, change your message and keep it clear and simple.  

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