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If you’re promoting any product or service these days, you can’t ignore mobile phone advertising. Mobile devices now account for more than half of all web traffic1 and last Black Friday, one third of all purchases2 were on smartphones. In addition, mobile commerce is set to grow by more than 25%3 this year. Clearly, cell phone ads are here to stay.


What are Mobile Phone Ads?
Mobile phone ads are promotions shown to users of mobile devices such as phones or tablets. The ads are optimized so they look great on a variety of screen sizes. Because of the location-based technology built into smartphones, advertisers can precisely target specific groups of mobile device users based on location, behavior, and more. Mobile phone advertising allows companies to reach the right audience with both content and promotions.


How Much Do Mobile Ads Cost?

BroadProximity, LLC. offers two types of mobile phone advertising for our clients


1. Cost per impression (CPI), also known as cost per mille (CPM), is a fixed cost for every thousand times your ad displays. The actual CPI will vary depending on the site, with popular niches having a high CPI cost. This metric works well for those looking at raising brand awareness, but unlike (CPC) also known as cost per click ads, there’s no guarantee of attracting website traffic.


2. Cost per visit BroadProximity, LLC.’s mobile advertising platform uses cost per visit (CPV) to measure the effectiveness of mobile phone advertising. This removes the guesswork when buying mobile device ads, as you only pay when an ad results in an in-store visit. That makes it easier to see how your investment in ads relates to goals like foot traffic and revenue. With BroadProximity, LLC., we can target ads based on audience, behavior, location, weather and more, so you show the right mobile ads to the right people in the right places at the right time.


Creating a Mobile Ad Campaign
BroadProximity, LLC. creates ads campaigns that drive visits to your website to request a service or to your store to make a purchase.


1. We create a Mapped setup that maps key locations and points of interest (POIs) within the geographical area you want to target. Consider how far consumers are prepared to travel to get to your location. Depending on the size of your project, allow between two and seven days for the BroadProximity, LLC.'s team to complete your map.


2. We select your audience and identify the audience for your cell phone advertisement. We can select audiences related to brand, behavior, or business category. We can also use Location Groups for tracking and retargeting, and can optimize your ads via our backoffice.


3. We select your campaign duration and decide on the timing for the mobile device advertising campaign. BroadProximity, LLC. recommends creating campaigns that last at least 6 months for visitation campaign, to increase audience exposure to the ad. Also, remember that it can take a while before consumers act on the ads they’ve seen. If this is the case, we may need to extend the campaign duration.


4. We optimize your campaign once your campaign has started running, take a look at the analytics data. If necessary, optimize the campaign to improve your results. You can change POIs, targeting, campaign duration, audiences and more to be sure you are reaching the right people.


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The average consumer looks at their phone over 150 times a day

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