What is Audience targeting?

Audience targeting is exactly what is sounds like it is and what you would expect it to be if you were guessing. Audience targeting is a way for businesses to reach likely consumers with precision, scale based on the area you want to target and in real time. Regardless of where the customer is, this is based on their past online and offline behaviors, interests, location, and demographic information.


How Does it Work?

Businesses can use this information to create tailored ads and target customers when they are likely to buy a product or use a service. If a customer has filled out a form, visits your website, or is observed inside your brick-and-mortar location, you can also create an audience segment to retarget these customers at a later point in time. The more relevant targeting parameters you use to create your target audience, the more effective your advertising campaign will be in terms of results and cost.


How to start identifying your target audience. Start with your current customers, think benefits which of your customers have a need or interest in your product or service. Do an informal or formal customer survey. Look for trends within your industry. Is there a niche that you can fill? Research your competition, know what they do and how they doand what’s their price point. Do they have satisfied customers that can be taken away and made to be a loyal customer to your own business? Remember K.I.S.S., keep it simple sweetheart, don’t make it complicated.


Why Our Audience Targeting Platform?

Our Audience Targeting platform is built with location data at the forefront. This allows you to build an audience profile not just based on your customers online habits, but off-line habits as well, providing the most accurate picture of customer behavior available from any location-based platform. Combine audience targeting with geofencing mobile ads, weather targeting, and brand analytics to create the most sophisticated mobile geo-targeting of it’s kind.


More often than not if your running a business of any kind knowing your target audienceis the difference between profit and loss or a satisfied vs loyal customer. To find out your right audience and figure out their needs you should start with some basics. Gather some demographics age, male, female, education, economic, social, value system, find a need and fill etc. Every business has a lot of customer and each customer has different needs, some are satisfied and others are loyal. The satisfied customers are ripe for the picking by a competitor and that might be the #1 reason to advertise. A loyal customer is much harder to pry away. Marketers know this and will use audience targeting to create mobile phone ad campaigns using geofencing that will appeal to a specific group of consumers. Why waste money, waste ad spend blanketing an entire area when you can target consumers that will take action and give you a higher ROI, return on investment?


A few helpful tips regarding audience targeting.


Have you heard of Google analytics? There is a section that breaks down your users by category, whether or not they travel, like cooking or music. If you don’t know where to start, strike up a conversation with a customer. Ask questions to customer that you know by face or name and ask the same questions to customer that you’ve only seen once or twice.Find out what platform you have the highest concentration of customers on. Mobile phones ae the most used deice on the planet and being able to advertise to your customers with targeted app ads is the truest form of audience targeting.You may have heard of a/b testing. This is where you run different mobile phone ad campaigns, changing the filters, using different audience targeting tactics to measure the response of different offers.


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