What is Weather targeting?

Weather targeting, also called Weather triggering, is an advertising tactic enabling marketers to target their advertisements against many weather conditions and quantifiable weather parameters including temperature, wind, UV index, and weather alerts. For example, an ice cream shop may want to use weather targeting to reach customers within a defined radius whenthe temperature is over 80°F. Alternatively, a department store may want to run an advertisement on winter coats when snow is in the forecast. Weather targeting helps improve relevance based on real-time information to help create better-targeted ads that greatly impact the conversion rate.


Weather based mobile advertising is a tactic used to utilize weather condition to target customers. If you know it’s going to rain and you’re a roofer wouldn’t you love to target home owners during and after a rain storm?If you knew it was going to snow would you target home owner, businesses and offer snow removal services? How does weather targeting work? Marketers use weather targeting platforms and information to deliver ads and promotions through mobile phone aps that match the weather conditions in a specific area. 


Mobile phone advertising is all about branding and top of mind awareness with the right group ofconsumers. Weather targeting is just one more of many ways to target the right customer groupat the right time. Many business owners have heard of the following phrase: “Half the money onadvertising is wasted, the trouble is, I don’t know which half”. This phrase was coined by John Wanamaker a department store businessman. Anytime you have the ability or option to target your customer you should. This will have the affect of maximizing profits while minimizing waste.Weather targeting is relevant, timely and if you’re in need of the product or service of great benefit to the end user. This type of targeting is very accurate and is delivered in real time where ever the consumer is. Weather has always been a good indicator of purchase behavior of the consumer; it can be a stimulant or hinderance. 


When it’s triple digits outside there’s not an HVAC company that has a technician to spare and when it rains no one wants to go out, they would rather have what they want delivered.This type of targeting will work best when applied with geofencing and the radius method, polygon method or combination of both. A well-known case study involves Subway Sandwiches and IBM. Subway boosted store traffic by altering its ads to the weather conditions. Subway saw a significant increase if profit and decrease in campaign waste. Weather is an external factor that affects the shopping patter of us all. Restaurants are greatly affected by weather; what consumers eat and whether or not they go out to eat. Take yourself for example and ask how does the weather affect what I do and when I do it? Depending on if it’s sunny, cloudy, snow, overcast, rainy or windy. 


Doing this type of targeting will come at a premium because it is time and labor intensive. This can only be done at the time of request by a business. The most up to date weather needs to be obtained, the ads loaded, filters placed and weather triggers set for the campaign to become active. And then you also have to consider the length of time the campaign will run, hours, daysor longer? The sky’s the limit with this type of targeting, you don’t see umbrella’s selling in July or swimsuits in December, do you? The sky’s the limit when it comes to this application. For a free no obligation consultation contact BroadProximity, LLC..  


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