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  • Engage with sports fans based on their real-world visitation all season long. BroadProximity, LLC. can help you identify audiences that frequent sports-focused locations, like sports bars, arenas, and wing restaurants on game nights based on past visitation habits. Complement your marketing efforts with location-based data to maximize your budget when reaching your desired audiences and score big with consumers.
  • During the year there are benchmark dates and months that all sports fans look forward to. One of them is Memorial Day, an unofficial mark of summer and NB finals, Sunday night Baseball and NHL. Exciting times for sports lovers. Here are some interesting fact, stats, viewership and demographics regarding spots fans that will help with mobile target marketing. Sports fans represent a huge portion of the U.S. population. Did you know that over 73% of men and %55 of women watch NFL games on television?
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Over 200 million sports fans and here’s some of what you want to know. There are many similarities among all sports fans. One is that the age is rising, the average age of a baseball fan is 53 with 29% of the fan base between 18 and 23 years of age. For NFL the average fan age is 47 and for hockey it’s 50. The average NBA fan is 37 years old who views on TV, the average of the fan who visits the game is 36. The average income of a sports fan is about $95k a year. NHL fans appeal to millennials the most, next would be MLS. This age group is 18 to 34 years old, have a higher household income, around $104k a year. One adjective to describe this market segment is tribal, interesting choice of words. MLB fans are more family oriented of all the sports fan groups. This fan is among the older of all the sports.


MLS fans have a following of almost 60% women and are under the age of 45. Of all the demographics of sports fans these are the youngest age group. MLS players are paid the least of all the major sport here in the U.S. and this fan spends more on average than the other sports fans. The average sports fan is an upper income male. Sports are a major part of American culture, that being said every sports franchise is working hard to grab the attention of the next generation of fans. To be successful at pulling this off they will have to become proficient at mobile. Which brings me to my point. Branding and top of mind awareness can be done locally for many businesses. Along with this a local business could support local teams of all ages, across many different sporting events. Can you imagine branding your business along with sports in your area, having fundraisers and helping the community? BroadProximity, LLC. can help, for a free no obligation consultation, contact us and we’ll help you brand your business and create top of mind awareness.


Tactics to drive results for your Sporting events

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your sporting event with BroadProximity, LLC..

Behavioral Audiences

Reach audiences who frequently go to NBA Stadiums on game days to connect with basketball fiends who will surely miss.

Proximity Targeting

Target key areas of interest like stadiums or wing restaurants on game days to connect with the right audiences.

$373B was spent in advertising within sporting & athletic goods within the U.S. in 2020

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