Drive More Visitors To Your Services Brand

Drive more mobile visitors to your Services Brand

  • Services still heavily rely on driving the right type of consumer in-store. Use location to reach consumers when they’re in the right mindset to use your services. In a world with increasing online shopping, brands that provide services operate almost exclusively in-person. That’s why using location marketing to raise awareness for your offerings and drive nearby users in-store is the perfect fit for services brands. Smartphones are no longer the future they are here and are revolutionizing how we live, communicate, advertise and brand our local businesses. Many businesses, brands and mobile developers make the mistake of not planning how to reach their target audience before developing and launching their app to the world. There are literally millions of apps available to advertise on. How native ads work. Create your ad, tell people about your offer with text and images across a premium network of over 100,000 apps.
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Reach the right people demographics, interest, lookalikes and retarget. Get more conversions, capture unsatisfied customers from your competitors and drive traffic to your website. Get result, better form completions and follow up with cart abandonment for ecommerce. One of the most effective ways to increase website traffic that is fast and affordable is through BroadProximity, LLC.’s platform of 100,00 plus app network for cell phone advertising. Surprisingly many businesses are failing to capitalize or tap into the power of smartphone. Give or take over 80% of consumers use cell phones to shop. So why is it that so many small local businesses have not incorporated cell phone advertising into their remarketing? Opportunity is knocking and many local small businesses are taking their time to take advantage of smartphone advertising, geotargeting and geofencing. Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of you. If you have a website make sure that it’s mobile friendly. If your website does not resize itself depending on the device that the consumer is using then correct that issue sooner rather than later. There are many tools available for you to test your website.

Optimize your website for the local keywords in your area, don’t worry about the city over. To attract more local customers, create content with location-based keywords. Avoid ads that block cell phone visitors from seeing your content when they land on your pages. Social helps and will generate good brand awareness. Be careful, it’s called social for a reason, people don’t always want to see ads, they may ask questions like “does anyone know a good”? You can use these channels to promote daily deals, closeouts, discontinued etc. There is a big difference between local directories and national directories. Google, Yelp and Bing are great places for a local business to get listed, trigger all the features that each have to offer. Geo-targeted ads work, this is the practice of delivering different content to users based on their location, audient type, demographics and other filters. You can trigger the ads to show up based on radius so when a potential customer is within a certain range or geographical area, they will begin to see your ads. Smartphone’s inherent ability to track the location of the users your targeting means this is one area where desktops can’t compete. Here are a few tips to get a better conversion of mobile.

Keep it simple, clear navigation makes it easier for visitors to locate relevant information. Use large tabs, icons or buttons and include a search box. Front load your content with links to lead generation pages and use read more links so you don’t overwhelm visitors. Reduce form size, only use fields in forms that are absolutely necessary. You could use progressive profiling which allows you to replace forms fields that have already been filled out be visitors on previous visits. The easier and quicker the better, we live in an instant gratification world with no time to spare. Use multiple calls to action, we all respond to different stimuli and not everyone will see the call to action that you’ve placed. You should be able to drive more clicks and increase conversions if your call to action is placed throughout. As smartphone usage continues to rise brands will need to adopt a smartphone mindset in order to attract and covert users to stay successful.

Tactics to drive results for your services business

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your services brand with BroadProximity, LLC..

Geo-Conquesting Targeting

Reach a customized list of competitors' locations Target people who have visited competitors' locations to encourage them to visit yours instead.

Behavioral Audiences

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation For example, reach users bucketed as young professionals to advertise your consulting services.

57% of Hair salons see higher foot traffic during afternoon hours

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