Drive More Visitors To Your Open Houses

Drive More Visitors To Your Open Houses

  • The old phrase about real estate is location, location, location and that will never change, regardless of the year. There is no industry that has a lack of competition which is why all owners of a business need to look for innovative ways to get to the consumer. Why You’re Real Estate Marketing Plan Needs Geofencing. Geofencing through BroadProximity, LLC. can be done with pin point precision around a specific location of any size.
  • When your’re marketing a home in a certain neighborhood you can geofence specific nearby features of the area such as: shopping center, schools, parks, a bike trail, a well-known restaurant and more. You can also geo-conquest other homes that are being marketed by competing real estate agencies. With geofencing you can also keep tabs on potential buyers.
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With cross device shopping consumers may start their purchase journey shopping for homes on their cell phone, move to computers or tablets and back to cell phones. Being able to track the consumer through their journey allows you to market to them no matter which device they are one. How Can Location Based Marketing Work For Real Estate Agencies? You can measure foot traffic to any location, inform instantly of price reductions, completion bids from other buyers send and inform buyers of new listings and send directions. The bottom line is that you can engage and qualify the right buyers for the right property which save you time and money. Here are a few ways to use Geofencing for Real Estate.

1. Geofence new construction communities, track homes and new construction of commercial pads. Consumers new to an area aren’t familiar with the soundings and having a real estate agent that is well connected to the community is an asset and you’ll set yourself apart from other agents as the one to hire. If you’re a home builder this is a great way to sway home buyers away from established homes in an established part of the city, show them the value of a properly planned and built community.

2. Geofence bank, credit unions and other financial institutions. These can be a great lead source, what if a customer of a local bank walked into their branch and was talking to the banker about refinancing their home or taking a loan out. If you were a mortgage lender you could offer more completive rates, or inform that you specialize in working with people that have less than perfect credit.

3. Geofence neighborhoods that are renovating. Every major city has neighborhoods that are transitioning and renovating. Downtown Sacrament transitioned by building the new complex for the Sacramento Kings. Downtown Atlanta transitioned and built the new Merced Benz complex. This is happening all over the United States. When transitioning and renovation happens property values go up, people look for rental property, investment property and local consumer visit local shops and spend money.

4. Geofence your own Real Estate Agency. Here you have the opportunity to showcase yourself. Position yourself as an authority in your community, well connected to local entertainment and social scene. If you’re good at what you do why would you want to be just an option. Position yourself as the go to real estate agent that meets the need of prospects.


Tactics to drive results for your real estate business

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaign for your real estate office with BroadProximity, LLC..

Geofencing for Conquesting

If you’re handling rentals, geofencing real estate helps you target leasing offices prospective customers are likely to visit. Set up a geofence around competitor MLS listings and show ads to people looking at them. Read More...

Custom Audiences

if you’re selling luxury apartments in South Beach, it doesn’t make sense to target the entire city of Miami. That’s a waste of your ad budget, as you’ll be marketing to millions of people who aren’t interested at all. Instead, use more refined criteria, serving targeted ads to buyer categories like affluent shoppers, golfers, or luxury car owners. Read More...

In-Market for Home Audiences

Shopping for a new home signals a big life change. Leverage BroadProximity, LLC.’s targeting capability to reach In-Market for Home Audiences at various stages throughout their purchase journey.


What it is

BroadProximity, LLC. leverages location information from homes on the market to target visitors to open houses, nationwide, with messaging and offers relevant to potential new home buyers. The power to reach this big purchase audience with precision ensures you will be able to connect with this audience in the right moments during this decision-heavy timeframe. 



  • Target consumers in real-time while at a listed open house '
  • Reach audiences based on their historical behavior if they visited an open house in the last 90 days

  • Differentiate audiences based on value of homes visited relative to local market

How it works

We have partnered with the MLS listing service to feeds of all homes on the market nationwide to help you, updated on no less than a monthly basis. BroadProximity, LLC. will match this information with our mapped data to observe visits to these locations. All reporting is performed at the Location Group level, not at the address level, to ensure complete privacy compliance. 


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