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  • Communicate the latest and greatest in terms of health and wellness with your core audiences in the right moments. As health continues to be top of consumers’ minds, leading with relevant and localized information is more important than ever before. Information, offerings, and solutions that prioritize wellness, safety, and convenience are key in helping consumers make key decisions about their healthcare.
  • Lean into location-based marketing solutions to more effectively and accurately reach the right audiences. With less than 3% of people not searching online for a product or service that leaves us with about 97% who do search online. We also know that out of the number of visitors to your website 98% will not contact you.
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Consumer log onto Google and ask questions, re-phrase the question, get distracted and move onto the next website, this is why it’s called surfing the net. While it’s true that less than 3% of people don’t search for a product or service online, they’re also not making impulse purchases and 98% of the visitors to your site will not contact you. How much money are you spending driving traffic to your website? No matter how much you spend 98% of visitors will still not contact you. Medical geo-fencing allows marketers to apply geo-polygon targeting technology that delivers targeted messaging to user devices in real time. There are a lot of questions when it comes to geofencing and healthcare. Geofencing and GPS can target people for a marketing campaign. One major issue is privacy of information.

We should start with a question, what is geofencing? Geofencing is the process of creating an invisible, artificial boundary line around a specific location using GPS. Once the boundary line has been established the triggers can be set within the campaign that will result in ads being delivered to specific audience groups when the mobile phone enters the invisible boundary lines.

Location tactics to drive results for HEALTHCARE

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for medical or heathcare office with BroadProximity, LLC..

Neighborhood Targeting

Build awareness of your offerings by targeting unique geographical boundaries based on the combination of visitation patterns and audience segments, providing a scalable and custom mobile location marketing solution.

Behavioral Targeting

Targeting Reach group segments like Healthcare Professionals with accuracy to build awareness about relevant offerings.

Proximity Targeting

Allows you to reach your desired customers in real time in or near locations you have previously geofenced.

5.7% Growth in sales to Health & Personal Care.

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