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  • Businesses heavily rely on driving the right type of consumer to your business. Use location to reach consumers when they’re in the right mindset to use your services. In a world with increasing online shopping, brands that provide services operate almost exclusively in-person.
  • That’s why using location marketing to raise awareness for your offerings and drive nearby users in-store is the perfect fit for any type of brand you are promoting.
  • We've built a suite of products and technology based on an accurate understanding of offline consumer behavior and a relentless focus on relevance, insights and predictability; all while setting the standards or ethics, compliance and privacy protection.
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Location Tactics That Drive Results

Proximity Targeting

Allows you to reach your desired customers in real time in or near locations you have previously geofenced. For example, in real estate marketing, you could target leasing offices to get the attention of those in the market for rentals.

Geo-Conquest Targeting

Allows you to use location data to win business from your competitors. All you do is use location-based marketing to reach people near your competitors’ premises and entice them to the locations you’d like them to visit.

Audience Targeting

Allows you market to people based on their location, online and offline behavior using filters to pin-point target your ideal customer by demographics age, average income, interests, location, gender,and more.

Weather Targeting

Allows you to use prevailing or upcoming weather conditions to target ads and marketing promotions. It’s just like your local corner shop puts umbrellas outside when rain is coming, in order to make more sales.

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