Drive More Visitors To Your Health Brand

Drive visitors to your Brand

  • Reach fitness enthusiasts and healthy shoppers by understanding the places consumers go throughout their day When it comes to reaching health-minded individuals with relevant messaging, using location data is the best way to gauge their interest in health-focused brands and gyms. Use location-advertising to reach people who have actually taken action to improve their health (rather than just saying they want to make healthy choices).
  • The health and fitness industry are worth trillions of dollars. What this means is that there is plenty of room for branding and top of mind awareness. Whether your business is exercise related, provides medical advice a nutrition store or some other form of wellness these branding strategies will help. Story telling is always a good way to brand a business and get top of mind awareness.
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Story telling pulls people in and allows them to identify with the branding of the business. This story can be told through different mediums mobile being on of many, blogging is another. In addition to reeling off stats give some content and tell a story. Social media is good to fold into your advertising. Regardless of whether you have 100 or 1,000 followers keep your message constant, short and simple. Use video, give tips and grow your following. Not everyone wants to or can look like Mr. or Ms. Universe. People do want to be in a better shape version of themselves and consistency is the key. Talk about healthy food and healthy cooking. Trusting the brand is a key reason why people will listen or be influenced. Be authentic, be real, these are some crazy hectic times that we are living in. Small changes that we can do and do them daily might be the way to go, a little here and a little there.

When it comes to local branding and top of mind awareness in your community think smartphones. This device is the most used device on the planet. The mobile ad revenue will soon surpass all traditional media ad revenue combined, that’s powerful. Smartphone usage is increase and shows no sign of slowing down. Advertising on cell phones is more affordable than most other advertising mediums. The flexibility is one of the greatest benefits, you can advertise to different audience groups at one time on the same device, change your creative instantly and test market a new product or service to see if there is enough interest to support it. BroadProximity, LLC. can help you brand your business and create top of mind awareness, contact us for FREE no obligation consultion.

Location tactics to drive results for Health & Fitness brands

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your health & fitness business with BroadProximity, LLC..

Neighborhood Targeting

Use Neighborhood targeting to reach people in areas that over-index for visitation to your brand For example, gyms can reach people who may pass one of their gym locations on their daily commute.

Geo-Conquesting Targeting

Reach a customized list of competitors' locations Target people who have visited competitors' health brands to entice them to come to yours instead.

Behavioral Audiences

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation For example, BroadProximity, LLC. fitness enthusiasts are defined based on the actual fitness-related locations users visited.

52% Of consumers who say they "Never eat out" have been seen at least once within a McDonald's in the past month

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