Geofencing advertising, sometimes referred to as geofencing marketing, is the application of invisible boundary lines around something that is physical. This physical location could be a small office building, a home or a skyscraper and the size of this physical location does not matter. It could be as big as Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA, the San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio TX, or Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, FL. If you’ve done some reading on this topic you might already know that the size of the geofence can be modified and most often will take the shape of a radius, a circle that will surround a physical location. Sometime we don’t want to do a radius or just draw a circle around a physical location. What we want to do is map out an exact boundary line around a physical location.


Geofence marketing can be used to draw specific boundary lines around a building, landmark, an event that will last an hour, days or weeks, a zip code, city or entire state, regardless of size or shape.

Geofence marketing for business is a new method of marketing that allows a business to advertise and target specific groups of people based on filters, demographics and audience type. What ends up happening is through the use of apps on mobile phones ad are shown to a specific group of people. When mobile phones enter this invisible boundary line area known as geofence marketing, hyperlocal targeting or mobile geo targeting, ads will appear on their phone. These app ads are a targeting tactic based on many factors mentioned here in this article.


Geo means earth, ground and soil. We all know that geometry is a branch of mathematics focused on the properties and relation of points, lines and surface. Through the use of GPS and blueprinting technology BroadProximity, LLC. will use geotargeting to deliver a more relevant advertising message that is focused on a specific market or group of people.


Radius targeting is a type of geofencing that can be used when you want to target consumers based on distance. Radius targeting can be useful as an advertising strategy if you want to increase foot traffic to a physical location. You can set up different strategies based on distance. As an example, you can target consumers that are 5 miles away from your physical location with an offer of 15% off and then another radius targeting offer of 10% off for consumers that are 2 miles away from your physical location, this will drive foot traffic to your location. The consumer will inevitably drive by a competitor and you’ve now created a buying habit that you can reinforce to gain a loyal customer.


Geotargeting allows a business to successfully deliver the right ad, with the right content the right time. Some benefits of geotargeting are you can hide ads from your competitors by identifying your competitors address and exclude them from your ad campaign. You could also take the opposite approach and target your competitors; this is known as geo-conquesting.


There are many benefits of Geofencing advertising, branding your business and top of mind awareness are just two. There’s a small window of opportunity to be in front of a consumer when they are ready to make their purchase. Mobile phone advertising gives you that opportunity using apps that are downloaded onto mobile phones every day. Now that you know what geofencing advertising is and a few of the other related terms, you might still be wondering how can I make this work for me? Feel free to contact BroadProximity, LLC. for a free no obligation consultation. Essentially you will use geofencing to deliver the message you create with our help to a specifc group of people at the right time. When we do a search for some product or service online Google serves us information based on proximity, relevance and location. Geotargeting works in real time, where ever the consumer is located, anytime of day and delivers the right message at an affordable price.

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