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  • Consumer Packaged Goods are items used everyday by consumers. These goods require routine replacing because the are used and need to be replenished or expire and are thrown away. We are talking about food beverages, clothes (to a smaller degree) tobacco, makeup and many other household products.The difference between retail sales of products vs. consumer packaged goods is this: retail sales are the products to the end users, the consumers.

    Consumer packaged goods refer to the manufacturing of the product, packaging, middle vendors, marketers, all the way to the consumer. It’s a much broader picture.Most consumer packaged goods transactions happen at brick and mortar locations. This means that driving foot traffic is important to a brand’s success, yet not absolute or critical for success. This is where location based marketing comes into play.
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Think about this, which ad will score more points? An ice cream ad that’s served up to a consumer who is actively shopping, waking past a convenience store or the same ad that is serviced to someone who’s on the couch in their pj’s? Accurate location data allows brands to serve messaging to consumers in a moment close to wen the sale could be made. For example, when they are in-route to a store or in line at the register. For consumers location based ads mean less noise and more relevant content. Ads containing offers and promotions for nearby stores and products provide real value for shoppers, transforming an ad from bothersome into something consumers may be grateful to receive.For those local businesses that sell CPG’s there are two challenges to tackle. First how to stand out in the crowd, a competitve environment. The other is creating demand for the product(s). What makes a consumer buy a product? What makes someone crave a product?

We don't have the answers to the above questions, we're just asking questions.  Amazon, Walmart, Safeway and others have moved to the digital battleground.  Consumers are increasingly researching and buying goods online.  Recent surveys indicate that nearly one in four U.S. households already shops for food and beverages online.  Meeting the consumer demand is always on the mind of marketers and switching from brick and mortar to digital is the future.

Tactics to drive results for cPG BRANDS

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaign for your CPG brands with BroadProximity, LLC..

Location Audience

Target customers by their past visitation to specific locations For example, reach Walmart-goes to advertise your product that is sold at Walmart Read More...

Behavioral Audience

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation For example, reach users bucketed as Moms with messages for your baby food brand. Read More...

95% Of consumers who visit a food, drug or mass retailer make at least one CPG purchase

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