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    • Mobile marketing is trending in all industries and it’s only getting bigger. Consumers use smartphones throughout their entire journey. From researching questions and educating themselves, looking at brands, features, social media and making calls to ask for details that perhaps can’t be found online. When the phone rings 50% at a dealership 50% of the calls are coming from cell phones.
    • And when it comes to consumers searching for auto parts 60% will have to follow up with a phone call because there are too many variables, aftermarket parts and choices when it comes to auto parts. Some interesting stats when it comes to phone calls to dealerships, 77% of phone calls are from new customers and 16% will go unanswered. The majority of call to a dealership is for the parts department where consumers are looking for auto parts, 74% and 14% of call are inquiring about new or used cars.
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The average auto shopper will end up visiting two dealership lots before making the final purchase. This means that dealerships need to engage the consumers online where they start looking. During the initial research phase of the consumer, dealerships need to have a robust multi-channel presence to reach as many consumers as possible and create brand awareness, having a large inventory and the ability to get a vehicle from another dealership to sell at a better price. Location based marketing along with multi-channel marketing allows the dealership to have several contact points with the customer, creating top of mind awareness. Putting your dealership in front of the consumer and creating brand awareness and building more brand awareness is crucial. Every point along the consumer journey is an opportunity to make an impact, reinforce your impact. Leave some breadcrumbs, connect the dots leading the consumer back to your auto dealership. And when the consumer does call take action, get them onto your car lot, make sure that you are one of the two dealership lots the consumer visits.


With over 50% of consumers starting their car buying search on a smartphone or tablet to help them find the make, model, price and a dealership that fits their needs, why wouldn’t you want to use geo targeting? If you want to appeal to the masses of consumers who are searching on their smartphone then use coupons. Eighty percent of shoppers responded that they have a more positive perception of a retailer that offers mobile deals and coupons. Geofencing can be used by dealerships to target people at a car show, used card lots, competitors across town or in the next county. Geofencing can also be used on their own lot to offer incentives or move inventory of cars, truck, vans or hybrid vehicles that have been sitting on the lot. Cell phones continue to change how we all shop, decades ago you use to get in your car and drive to the dealership, today it’s all done from the comfort of your couch.


Dealerships have to be creative and influence the consumer through every step of the online and offline research process increasing visibility and creating a competitive advantage. 25 years ago, he first banner ad was posted on the internet for car dealership, it was 1994. Fast forward to today advertising online has more choices, social platforms and search engines to choose from. There is no doubt the future of auto marketing lies in mobile marketing. The auto industry spent over 5 billion in digital advertising in 2013, 8 billion in 2017 and what will it be for 2020? For a free no obligation consultation contact BroadProximity, LLC..


Tactics to Drive Results for Auto Dealerships

Top tips for running successful mobile marketing campaigns for your auto dealership with BroadProximity, LLC..

Location - Geo Target

Target 2-mile radius around your dealership to drive traffic from nearby visitors. This is great if there are other dealerships close to yours. Read More...

Competitive Conquesting

Target people at competitors’ dealership locations (In-Store, On-lot, Retail Block, radial distance) or target your own list of competitor locations. Read More...

Location Audience

Target customers by their past visitation behaviors to specific brands/locations (Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Buick, Hyundai, Honda, Volkswagen, etc.) Read More...

Behavioral Audience

Target customers based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns like In-Market for Auto, car enthusiasts, car owners, etc. Read More...


Reach unique audiences you’ve already served an ad to and retarget those customers on mobile. Read More...

64% Of auto shoppers visit multiple dealerships within two weeks

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